Title:       MEGA-ISP Shield Schematics and Board Layout for Arduino
Author:      Yaroslav Osadchyy
Email:       drug123 at gmail com
Environment: EAGLE 5.4.0
Keywords:    Arduino, AVR, ISP, schematics, DIY, electronics, atmega, attiny, MCU, microcontroller, PCB
Description: Purpose of this PCB is providing standard ISP headers to turn Arduino running MEGA-ISP 
             firmware into full-functional programmer for AVR microcontrollers.
License:     CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

MEGA-ISP Shield Schematics and Board Layout for Arduino


Purpose of this PCB is providing ISP headers to turn Arduino in full-functional programmer for AVR microcontrollers.

Firmware to turn your Arduino board into ISP programmer can be found here: http://code.google.com/p/mega-isp/

MEGA-ISP firmware supports flashing, fuses, locks and EEPROM writing.


PCB features external power connection, power source selection jumper, 6- and 10-pin standard dual row ISP headers with insertion key to maintain polarity. LEDs are used to show device status: Heartbeat, Error and Program mode indicators are available.

Board could be manufactured by your own using toner transfer method.

Since board design primary tergeted for DIY purposes, most important labels are moved to top layer to be etched on copper when silkscreen are unavailable. Via's may be not metalized inside, you need just to solder very short piece of single core wire on both sides of PCB to make connection between layers.

You may find pictured first version of this shield (missed external power connector) on my flickr page.


List of required parts and their placement are presented below.

Part Value Name Qty
JP1 - Pin header 1X8 1
JP2 - Pin header 1X6 1
PWRSEL - Pin header 1X3 1
JP3 - Pin header 1X2 1
R1-3 1K Resistor 0204/7 3
EXTPWR 22-23-2021 0.1" Connectors vertical PCB header 2 pin 1
X1 057-006-1 IDC-6 PCB header 2 row 1
X2 057-010-1 IDC-10 PCB header 2 row 1


Compatibility is more related to firmware written by Randall Bohn because board provides only electrical connections between Arduino and target MCU and some indication using LEDs. I have tested firmware with some software and few AVR MCUs and conclusions are following:

Software that ARE compatible

Software that were tested and are NOT compatible

List of tested MCUs


When used with avrdude, AVR ISP or Arduino programmer type should be selected and baudrate set to 19200 bps. Command-line sample to work with ATTiny13:

avrdude -c avrisp -P com4 -p t13 -b 19200

For additional information on command-line options please refer to avrdude documentation.

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